What Will Our Last Heartbeat Say of Us?


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We do not have forever on this earth. The question then becomes, what are we doing with this finite time we have been given?

What is our focus? To hate and despise, or is it to find a way to put the self aside and figure out how we can do better and act better, more lovingly?

Spreading hate, or spreading love?

  Spreading good deeds or meanness?

Spreading joy or misery?

Spreading light or darkness?

What ripple effects are we choosing to send out? Can we join hands, hang heads and make great things happen for each other?  Can we be less competitive, become less jealous, less envious and less egotistical, fearful and selfish and simply make the decision to assist each other?  In our families, at work, personal relationships, friends, and even with strangers, is there a way we can talk better, act better and love better?  Can we muster and gather enough love and kindness?

I believe in us, in humanity; I really believe we can.  It’s a decision. A deliberate choice!

We can set aside the mentality and mindsets that make us create and fuel hate, anger and resentment.

We can determine to not allow, and in fact get rid of, what motivates us to hurt and destroy others, causing them unimaginable pain!

What do we benefit from being, mean, arrogant, and down-putting people?

What do we gain when we sensationalize other people’s demise, ‘failures’, weaknesses and mistakes in life?

What satisfaction do we derive in extinguishing someone else’s dreams?

Where is the joy in belittling, disgracing and degrading another precious human life?

What is the spiritual and emotional gain in suppressing and oppressing others?

Can we perhaps start working on being SPECIAL?

  • Special in the sense that we make a resolution to be kind, generous, promote other people’s lives, celebrate, assist and encourage them?
  • Special in the sense that we make it a deliberate purpose to lend a hand, boost others up, cushion their fall, alleviate their pain, and strengthen them to succeed?
  • Can we be bold in the things that matter, such as joyfully boosting another’s growth, lighten the burden on their lives, support and sustain them until they blossom, when we have the capacity to do so?
  • Can we stop for a minute and assist another, bring them respite from their troubles, get behind them and champion them on into their own personal and professional victories?
  • Would it be so hard to bend over backward, and contribute to another person’s well-being in a meaningful way?
  • Has our ability to minister, nurse, and bring succor to other people, been completely taken over by the self?

I know that we all, including me, have our challenges in life.  We all have enough that we have to deal with, BUT, there is something in us, divine, infinite, inexplicable, which emerges when we begin to demonstrate love in our own agony, inspiration in our own darkness, and liberty in our own walls.  Something strange, but exhilarating, beautiful and powerful begins to happen to us, and for others, when in our own challenges, we chose to assist others.  It is indescribable healing, undefinable joy, it is peace that cannot be explained. It is possible, it is REAL!

Let’s think about our legacy, the things we spend time on, and the type of negative or positive impact they are making.  Will we leave behind deeds and footprints that will harm and handicap humanity, or ones that will validate its worth and value?  Will we leave behind ones that will boost humanity’s state of being, or one that will thwart it?

What will our last heartbeat say of us?

“I believe every human has a finite number of heartbeats.  I don’t intend to waste any of mine.”  ~Neil Armstrong

Sum up the strength and courage, leave that SPECIAL footprint.




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