Do Not Check Out!




The Reminder talks about the Quiet Power, Peaceful Confident Assistant.  I wrote who an assistant truly is, or can be, not out of some idealistic idleness, but out of lessons which I learned, from and through my own pain and agony. At some point in my life, I knew that I could let my situation and circumstances drown me, or I could choose to thrive! I also knew that the final decision about what I was going to do to and with my life was mine, and not any one else’s. My decisions and choices were my responsibility. I had to find the power deep within my spirit and mind and quietly determine to live and refuse to die. How was I going to do that?

I made the brave and deliberate choice to step out every day, in my pain, depression, brokenness, fears and insecurities. I would force myself to mingle with others by cheerfully volunteering, and allowing myself to be in environments where I was giving of myself to others, so that they might have the joy, the peace, and the love that we all so deserve. I made the brave choice not to zone in on the things or people that were pulling me down, making me sink, or trying to, directly or indirectly. I discovered that I could assist myself, heal quicker, when I zoned in on helping others, without asking for anything in return.

In The Reminder are some of these discoveries, the things I learned. I learned a different definition of who an assistant truly is, or can be.  So far, (I am still learning), here is the list I have come up with. You will find this list in The Reminder, as the book gently nudges you to face yourself and live; to not cut yourself off, give up on yourself, or cut your precious valuable life short. It encourages healing by urging you to assist yourself and others. YOU ARE STILL HERE so assist another, don’t give your pain power by focusing on it all the time. Assist until you swim above water, and assist some more!

  • The Assistant is the one who lacks but gives.
  • The Assistant is the one who has sorrow but gives joy.
  • The Assistant is the one in pain but brings healing.
  • The Assistant is financially rich or poor but makes a personal decision to bring solace to others.
  • The Assistant is spiritually rich or poor but strives to become a better person.
  • The Assistant is emotionally rich or poor but chooses to excel in their condition and to make the world a better place.
  • The Assistant is physically rich or poor but does not use their condition to manipulate.
  • The Assistant’s mindset is that he/she might be financially and emotionally poor, but they are spiritually rich.
  • The Assistant is the imperfect who asks over and over again, “How can I do better? How can I touch and change one more life? Who needs my heart this time, who needs my spirit, who needs my touch, who needs my counsel, who needs my voice, my love, my mercy, my forgiveness, my passion, my compassion?”
  • The Assistant does not wallow in self-pity, and, as much they need a special touch too, as much as they struggle with their emotions too, they take joy in opportunities to give back.
  • The Assistant is an appreciative person, full of gratitude for what little or great kindness another has demonstrated to them, and they pass it on in kind, emotionally, spiritually, mentally or financially.
  • The Assistant has surpassed the need to puff up egos and bring false security, impressions and images.
  • The Assistant is the teacher who realizes, recognizes, and admits the student is not just one who is to be taught, but one who also teaches the teacher a lesson or two about life.
  • The Assistant empowers, not enables.
  • The Assistant does not use their power or position to gossip, pit people against each other, or throw them under the bus.

Assisting others, instead of focusing on your depression really does help. Will you make the brave choice to step out of your depression, literally force yourself everyday to shed it, and live? It is a deep and deliberate decision you have to make. As painful as it is, the joy, the self-worth that follow after, are worth every bit of that pain, that fight, that battle! FIGHT TO LIVE! YOU ARE WORTH IT!

I will not die; instead, I will live to tell what the LORD has done. Psalm 118:17 (NLT)

Choose to live! DO NOT CHECK OUT!



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