Ask, Just Incase



How do I describe something to you, which you yourself have not experienced, and perhaps, choose to not experience? Or perhaps you have had the experience, but you have given up, or have made a personal decision to deny God, because of tragedies and mishaps in your path of life. How do I explain to you a power that is unshakable and beyond our intellect, philosophies, theories and reasoning; one that cannot and will not crumble in the face of challenges and affliction?

There is a power that appears so foolish because with all its wisdom and strength, it pursues us with abundant unconditional love, not forcing us to love in return, but loving us anyway. This is a power that will uplift, uphold, and guide us, encouraging, empowering, and filling us with courage and boldness! This power is not a gimmick, it does not wither, and it certainly is not a “fair-weather friend.”

We are being given a divine chance here on this Earth. Jesus died for us to have this power, the Holy Spirit is here to assist and guide us to use it, the angels marvel at it! Wouldn’t it be wise to investigate and explore if we are indeed divinely created and therefore born with such life-giving, life-empowering, problem-conquering, victorious-living power?

Death will come for us all one day. This is not a truth we like to face. I would rather know that I died looking up to this God, whom we so readily despise without even trying to know Him, than take the risk of not believing in Him while I was alive. When I am dead, if I find out that I did not have to believe in Him after all, I can laugh it off with no regrets. After all, my life has become better and I am a much better person because of Him. What I do not want is to die and realize that I should have believed in Him while I was alive. I would rather err on His side and make every attempt in my humanity to live according to His ways. I don’t always succeed but I try because He is worth it!

Even if I walked away from God because His way is not the popular way, or because it is the uncommon way, or because I choose to fulfill my carnal nature and its free-will, I would still have to acknowledge and admit that He is real. I cannot deny that which I have experienced.

This is a chance to find out and have your own tangible experience and then you can decide whether or not He really does in fact exist, or not. To believe in God is a personal, individual choice, and the decision is yours to make. My role is to urge you to at least ask Him if He is real. Will you do that, for your own sake; just to be on the safe side?


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