In God We Trust?


I find it very interesting that the piece of paper that we have to toil and sweat for in order to survive our systems and matrix created by man is the very paper that says, “In God We Trust”. I am trying to wrap my mind around it, because it seems like we really do not trust God! If anything, most of us deny and mock His existence and trust and rely on this piece of paper more!

Yes, the reality is that this piece of paper is a necessity, however, we have witnessed the atrocities that man has committed against man because of it, and in the name of God. But what atrocities has God committed against humanity? The love and worship of money has caused man to treat man with unspeakable indignity, yet we appear to choose money over a God who loves us unconditionally. We have decided to take Him out of the equation. We sweat and toil for this piece of paper, yet we do not follow the God whose name is on it. Hmmm!

What is it about this God that incites such vicious anger within us? Is it that He makes us see our own reflection of who we have become with our liberties, what we have done with our free will? Perhaps deep down we know there is something good and pure about Him and His ways, but we refuse to accept that because it means we are no longer in charge or in control. Is it that we worship our free will, so much that even if we discovered that this God, this Jesus, this Holy Spirit are real, we would still continue to reject His gentle and tender invitation to be loved by Them?

We say we are liberated. We use phrases like “do you,” and “just be yourself,” but it seems like believing in the God of the Bible is not part of that liberation or included in those mantras. Everything else is acceptable but Him. Why? Yet we yearn for money, we appear to be slaves, by choice or not, to it, and we destroy and ruin our friendships, our relationships and other people’s lives in the name of money. The same money we are using to publicize our trust in God is the same thing we are using to oppress His creation, and to seemingly destroy each other. What are we doing!

Worship and trust God, or worship and trust the money? What will it be?

I believe we need money because that is the reality of the world system as created by man, but even more strongly, I believe in the living God who created mankind.


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