Taking a Page From the father of Science About the Father of Life


On what basis, what grounds, do we detest this God, most especially the name of Jesus? As for the Holy Spirit, He barely makes it into our daily conversations. We read a few excerpts, take scriptures out of context, and make judgments about God. Does He really warrant our contention and distaste? Some have taken His word and contrarily used it to their benefit, and as a result, throngs of people have walked away from God or have absolutely refused to believe that He truly exists.

Why is His name unacceptable, while those of other things or beings we choose to consider as deities aren’t? Are we deliberate about disliking Him because, perhaps somewhere deep down, even if we do feel a form of connection with and to Him, since we have our free will, we would rather reject Him and His ways? After all, His ways interrupt the lives we want to live, our indulgences, our choices, our decisions. Perhaps His ways are a constant reminder of how far we have let go of our humanity and uniqueness in order to become what we are: self-absorbed, self-indulgent, and entitled. We feel we are too wise, too all-knowing, and too smart to accept that there is such a living God, whether or not He is real. After all, look at all we have been able to accomplish with just our human spirit! Who needs God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit when we have our intellect, science, degrees, and technology?

We can do whatever we please, wherever, however, and with whomever, so why should we want or turn to this God? In fact, how can there possibly be such a God? Why should He exist? And if He exists, why would we need Him? We have everything under control, right? We have put ships in space, walked on the moon, discovered cures to diseases, subdued nations, built economies on the blood of people across the world, acquired titles at the expense of others, invented and built perishable things.

According to the father of science, “The more I study science the more I believe in God.” ~Albert Einstein

Perhaps we should take a page out of the father of science’s book and learn about the Father of Life.




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