The Foolishness and the Weakness of God


It is beyond my human capacity to describe God to you, or what He is capable of. I am not trying to convince you here. However, I owe it to all of us to write this blog, and to share what I have discovered about Him. I do not have the human capacity or authority to tell you who or what to believe, or how to worship, but I do have the responsibility to tell you about Him and this foolish love and weakness He has for mankind. I have the guts to talk about Him, His love, His mercy, His faithfulness, and His redemptive power, because I know they are real. Given the condition of humanity, my conscience will not let me rest. I have the courage and the wisdom to tell you that you can walk with Him and be with Him because His foolish and weak unconditional love will not let me rest until I do so. So here we are, you and I.

Yet, it does not feel safe to talk about Him. Mentioning Him ushers in persecution, violence, rejection, and mockery. Before scorning those who truly believe, let us at least try this out for ourselves alone, with no outside influence. If we are so brave, so sure of ourselves, so knowledgeable, and so convinced that He is not real, how about we give Him a shot? In the art of inclusion, we do not really include Him. We are more comfortable with worshiping money, each other, ourselves, our titles, positions, nature, and the universe itself. Those are acceptable, but not Him, at least that is how it appears. If we are fair and just, liberal, accepting and open-minded, why do we find Him so offensive, so revolting? Why do we roll our eyes at the mention of His name, especially the name of Jesus? Why do we spew hate? We accept almost everything else, so why is accepting Him so repulsive?

His foolishness is wisdom, and His weakness is power! Where He could demonstrate force and control, He prefers to be humble and gentle. Now that is real and true power! Where He could flaunt that He is all-knowing, He prefers to bring Himself down to our level. Now, that is true love, and real wisdom! How many of us can truly say that we are capable of such love, wisdom, and humility? Instead, we like to show off, show who the boss is, who is in charge, who is savvy, who is the most intelligent and who is the toughest and strongest of us all! We get caught up in ourselves, trying to prove how very wise, talented, skilled and all-knowing we are, and how we can handle other people. We always want to show what we are made of, yet we do not even know what that really is. It is something so much more beautiful, so much more valuable, and so much more precious than we know.

Unlike us, God’s foolishness is slow to anger but swift to bless. It forgives and forgets all our sins. But we are swift to anger and slow to bless. We are most definitely slow to forgive, and we certainly do not forget! His foolishness says “Love anyway,” but our “wisdom” says, “No way, it is not my way! It is not how I see it. This person is this and that, and I just hate them!”

His weakness says, “There is power available to assist you to soar,” but our “wisdom” says, “It is nonexistent and besides, I can do this all by myself. I just have to figure it out. I am m strong, I am smart, and my mind, my intellect, my job title and my degree will all see me through!” But what has that done for your heart, your spirit, your mind and soul?

Should we go by His foolishness and weakness, or not? 







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