Is Your Ship Slowly Sinking?

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Is your ship slowly sinking? There is more to people than meets the eye. I truly believe that we have been created with divine power and abilities. I strongly believe that we were created with innate power, strength, and skills which we have not tapped into, but merely scraped the surface. I believe that we have been created and endowed with many gifts and talents, as well as tremendous power, and that we are supposed to be divine masterpieces, created only by God. I also believe, and know, that I have had snippets of divine experiences that have brought me to that undeniable, tangible truth, truth that we possess not just amazing talents, but inexplicable power residing within us.

I am curious about this power. Shouldn’t you be? I have had glimpses of it, I have experienced such power, and I feel a sense of responsibility to write about this truth. It is an honor to write and tell you about it, with the goal that we all know that we can all experience the reality and the truth about the living God. I believe that we should share this knowledge that can and will liberate us and others from their pain, trauma, depression, and any other form or type of bondage. I believe that I have discovered a true power that can free us, that is uncommon and untapped, and that many are ignorant about, and I cannot possibly keep it to myself!

Is your ship slowly sinking? So many of us want to be set free from our shackles, our vices, our insecurities, and the things that easily weigh us down, paralyzing us from fulfilling all our potential and using our talents and abilities.

Many of us want to love and be loved, filled with a surplus of joy and indescribable peace. Deep down, we want to be rescued from our own self-destructive behaviors. We want to be set free from the damage caused by rejection, violation, stigma, prejudice, and put-downs that have been inflicted by the hands of others.

We have tried so many avenues, and some even appear to work for a while, but then we find ourselves searching again for the next new solution to our problems. I would like to share with you a consistent power, one that you already possess and carry within you.

  • Is your ship slowly sinking?
  • Have you become your worst enemy?
  • Can you stop the sickness taking you over?
  • Do you need power to do so?
  • Do you need a savior who will take you over the walls and heal your pain?
  • Do you need someone who will not let you go, but will fight for your life?

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but in order that the world might be saved through him.

-John 3:16-17




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