Power to Let Go and Take Off!


Photo by Eva Beer on Pexels.com

We are looking for power somewhere out there, yet there is power that resides within us, unknown, ignored, unexamined, and unused. There is innate power within us to take off from and leave behind all that holds and weighs us down! But we tap into everything else, except this power. We tap into people around us, into family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances and the latest trends. We tap into drugs, technology, our own devices, schemes, and human intelligence. We tap into anything and everything except the power that saw fit to make us the unique, special, valuable, and precious souls we are. I do not know about you, but I found the things and people I tapped into to be lacking, limiting, and limited!

I blame no one. People can only do so much. We are all limited some way or the other.  But I just needed something deeper and more meaningful in order to find that inner peace, wisdom, faith, purpose and power to maximize my potentials. I needed something, someone that was unlimited and non-superficial. As for me, I found it in the One, and still find it in Him. This One I talk about is the living God.

Let me ask you:

  • Who or what is the weight that is holding you back from taking off into your purpose and destiny?
  • Who or what do you turn to for healing from your deep emotional, mental and spiritual pain?
  • Who or What do you turn to when you feel completely lost?
  • Who or what do you depend upon for self-worth, self-respect and self-dignity?
  • Who and what do you turn to find your purpose and soar with it?

Who or what is standing in your way, pulling you down and holding you back? Do you need power to let go and take off? As humans, we are usually afraid of what we do not know. Many of us have been fooled, tricked, and lied to, and this has made us downcast and disenchanted. But let me boldly submit to you that I believe that we are created with incredible power and divine ability called dunamis. I believe that we carry dunamis within us but we have not exercised this power either out of ignorance and we do not know of its existence, or because we continually reject the One who created us and installed dunamis within us, thus only He can trigger and cultivate it in us. He needs our cooperation to do so, but we either deny His existence, or we know He exists but we decide that we do not need Him in order to thrive and rise above the ordinary and the things that keep us emotionally, mentally and spiritually trapped and damaged.

My take is that dunamis is miraculous power beyond our imagination, but not impossible to attain and live by.  Dunamis is stunning and potent. That is why it appears unattainable! It truly is unattainable through our human strength, wisdom, or knowledge, but highly attainable through God’s divine direction, courage, boldness and wisdom. I do not know about you, but I found the things and people I tapped into to be lacking, limiting, and limited! I blame no one. People can only do so much. I just needed something deeper and more meaningful in order to find that inner peace and purpose. As for me, I found it in the living God, and still find it in Him. What and who do you tap into? Is it really working for you and making you whole?

I want people to know that yes, we can cry, but we have power! We have been put down, but we have power! We have been violated in more ways than one, many times over, but we have power! Downtrodden, but we have power! Messed up, feeling guilty and ashamed, but we have power! We’ve been stigmatized, abused, maltreated, dismissed, mocked, and left for dead, but we have power. We are depressed and suicidal but we have power! The problem is that we have not tapped into it. We have no knowledge of it. We do not seek it. It is lying dormant in us every day, we have absolute access to it, but we will do not acknowledge its Source, the living God.

This living God and power I am telling you about are no lie, no gimmick. Why don’t you do the research yourself, investigate, find out, and explore for yourself. You do not have to believe me at all [in fact, feel free to think I am crazy].  Challenge yourself to take the step to do the research. I would be interested in your findings and your conclusions. Genuinely search deeply, dig deep, and do your legwork, don’t be dismissive about this life-giving power.

Find out about God’s existence, and the manner in which He has divinely built, crafted and created us. It is unfathomable by the ordinary human eye. Our carnal state cannot comprehend it. But if we tap into God we will find it, and we will know how to excel and soar with it. What harm would it do you to ask if God is real and if indeed you are created with such immeasurable divine power?

The choice is, and always will be yours to tap into God and dunamis, or not.  We can laugh about it, mock it, deny its existence, or realize and understand that there is real, genuine power within us, and it comes from Him.

Why don’t you find out about the divine power that you are really made of and fulfill your purpose?

That your faith might not rest in the wisdom of men but in the power of God.

– 1 Corinthians 2:5 (ESV)



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