Do Not Become a Tragedy!


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You have power! You can cry, yes, but you have power. You have been put down, but you have power. You have been violated in more ways than one, many times over, but you have power. Downtrodden, but you have power. Messed up, feeling guilty and ashamed, but you have power. You’ve been stigmatized, abused, maltreated, dismissed, mocked, and left for dead, but you have power! You are not a tragedy! 

We have power. The problem is that we do not tap into that power. Some of us have no knowledge of it. We do not seek it. It is lying dormant in us every day. We have access to it. We are looking for power somewhere out there, yet there is power that resides within us, unknown, ignored and unused.

I believe that the living God is our Source and that He has put everything in us to excel in our own unique way, our own unique place, in our own unique time. We were created and born to do so. We have the right to do so. Every human being has the right to do so. Every human being has power built within to do so.

But there is a wound, an insecurity, that stops you, from tapping into and exercising that power. And so you have put on the masks, the facades and the impressions and now you do not know what you really stand for.  And so now you take it out on others and you crave another type of power that thirsts for recognition and titles, and thrives on ego centrism, self-worship, self-aggrandizement and idolatry. Losing your beautiful self in all that is a tragedy in itself.

“Strive to make the brave choice. Look at the root of the problems and troubles and torment raging within you. Take your eyes off what others are doing to you and focus on cleaning yourself up and growing beautifully.” ~The Reminder: Quiet Power, Peaceful Confidence.

Let your life be beautiful and NOT tragic. You can do this! You have power to conquer your demons and wounds! Dig deep and fight to reflect the beauty within you. 

“Do not allow fear to make you become or act like anyone else but your better self.” ~The Reminder: Quiet Power, Peaceful Confidence

“Your life is worth more than the putting on a mask, putting on a show, fitting in, and making impressions. Your life is so much more valuable than the traumas you have been through. You are so much more than all that, and you are so much better than that; they should not define you or keep you boxed in and trapped.” ~Dunamis: Untapped, Uncommon Power

You are not a tragedy, refuse to become one!

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    1. Thank you! I really appreciate your comment, especially since for me, I want what people read to somehow add to and build on their lives! That’s what it’s all about, that’s what makes this work matter, that’s what adds value to this work!

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