What Have You to Lose?


adult alone despair emotion
Photo by Ana Bregantin on Pexels.com

So many of us want to be set free from our shackles, our vices, our insecurities, and the things that have taken over our lives and easily weigh us down, paralyzing us from fulfilling all our potential and from using our natural talents and abilities. Many of us want to love and be loved, filled with a surplus of joy and indescribable peace. Deep down we want to be rescued from our own self-destructive behaviors. We want to be set free from the damage caused by rejection, violation, stigma, prejudice, and put-downs that have been inflicted by the hands of others. We have tried so many avenues, and some appear to work for a while, but when we find ourselves searching again for the next new solution to our problems, troubles and torment.

Can we take on a love that knows exactly who we are really, and what we are really capable of? Can we handle the kind of unconditional love that knows the vices we hide in the dark, the rottenness that eats our souls, the ugliness and bad habits that lie within, the deceit and manipulation behind the lies that we wield, the anger, the bitterness, and the pain we have grown accustomed to? Knowing all this about us, God’s love still says to us, “What does it matter? I love you anyway.  Come let us spend time together. In fact let’s not stop there. Would you like to be delivered and healed from the burdens you carry?”

I don’t know how desperate you are to be whole, to have another chance in life, to be rid of whatever torments you and makes you shrivel when nobody is watching, but I would take the chance at that unconditional love. What have you gained by not accepting it? Why not take a chance and see if He really works, if He really can get rid of the shackles and chains around your mind, your soul, your spirit?

God is so simple, so uncomplicated. He just wants to have a beautiful relationship with us, His creation. Yet we reject Him, and all that He has to offer to our precious souls. We tap into people around us, into family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances. We tap into drugs, our intellect, technology, our own devices, schemes, and human intelligence. We tap into anything and everything except the power that saw it fit to make us the unique, special, valuable and precious souls that we are. What have we to lose, if we were to tap into God’s unconditional love?

Do you need real assistance? Try  the living God’s unconditional love, wisdom, power and deliverance.What have you to lose? You have everything to gain by losing those chains and shackles.

Activate God’s Purpose Here!

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