Are You Prepared for Your Desire?


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There are those who will look down on you. There are those who want you to be small. There are people who want you to be beneath them. There will be people who claim that you are not good enough. There will be people who treat you as though there is no value to your life. There will be people who will treat you as though you are not worth the ground that they walk on. Some will speak to you as though the dirt under their feet has far more value than your breath. It is your job to take your eyes off such people and rise up! Yours is to avoid sinking into their darkness. Use your every breath well! Focus on your desire and do not waste time with such people and absorbing their dimness. Dig deep, find your light, and let your every breath be power and focus towards your dreams and goals! Avoid negativity and prepare for your desire!

Fulfilling your dreams and purpose is a deliberate pattern with planning and timing. Every flight needs something turned on, something switched on. But every time you try to take your flight, you find that there are things and people that plague you, pull you back and pull you down. Why not connect with God and see what power you are really made of? You might just be blown away and realize what you have been missing all these years!

Every time you feel that urge; that kick, that nudge, and that yearning, to do something extraordinary, or more precisely, something that you know is being divinely inspired within you, what or who keeps you from acting on, or fulfilling that purpose and inspiration? It is time for you to get into motion; it is time for you to move from where you are now, to where you ought to be tomorrow.  In order to make this happen, there must be movement on your part, not stagnation. You must formulate a plan; gather your tools, with zeal and passion! It is time to strategically place yourself to take off and take flight from where you are to where you are supposed to be. Are you prepared to dig deep? Really deep! Are you mentally, emotionally and spiritually prepared for your success? How will you handle it?

What tactics do you have in place? What type of people are you surrounded by, and what do they really do for your mind, soul, body and spirit? Will they pull you down, tell you it’s impossible, or will they build you and support you? What kind of energy are they emanating towards you? Will they assist you, can you trust them and can you share parts of your dream with them? Should you even mention it to them? Who can you work with to take your flight? Will they rejoice for you when it is your time to shine? Will they equip you with what you need to propel forward? Will they show you what to avoid to make your desire become a reality?

“Strive to make the brave choice. Look at the root of the problems and troubles and torment raging within you. Take your eyes off what others are doing to you and focus on cleaning yourself up and growing beautifully.” ~The Reminder: Quiet Power, Peaceful Confidence

Take matters into your hands. Are you ready for your next level? Have you prepared yourself for your desire, for its before and after effects? Are you determined with every breath you breathe to make it happen, to not give up, to push in and push through? Are you prepared to dig deep, not looking left or right, but straight ahead, at the goal and prize ahead of you?

The choice is yours. Prepare for your desire. The power is yours!



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