The Finisher


Many times we begin a good thing, but:

  • We do not have the power to finish
  • We do not have the courage to finish
  • We do not have the self-confidence to finish
  • We do not have strength to finish
  • We do not have the self-worth to finish
  • We do not have the self-dignity to finish

Our beauty within is dulled. Our wisdom has lost its way. Our strength has lost its victory. Our power has lost its potency. We realize that Human Science, Intellect and Philosophy, can only go so far. We need more. More than what we have been taught, more than what society, family and schools have taught us. And more than the relationships we are in.

We desperately need the Finisher. The One Who:

  • Cleanses from deep within, washes and wipes clean our spirit, souls, minds and hearts
  • Is ever present and never changing
  • Opens the door to fulfilling purpose and nothing, no one can stop Him
  • Begins a good work and ensures that He sees it through to the very end
  • Loves us unconditionally, no matter how deep the stain, or how bad the sin
  • Is ever present, all-knowing, always uplifting, always healing us
  • Constantly protects, delivers and redeems us

The Finisher makes a way when the road appears hopeless and there seems to be no path to continue, or no way out. How lost are we? How far gone are we? How tired are we? Do we need strength to start the journey of our purpose? Are we mid-way and feel too exhausted and fatigued, like there is no light at the end of the tunnel? Are we swimming upwards but we feel like we are drowning downwards? Are we running hard and it appears as though we have nothing left to reach the finish line? Have we given, and given, and given, and feel emptied out? Have we borne the price and weight of our purpose and now we feel like it’s too heavy?

Bent over, how can we possibly continue? Out of breath, how can we possibly push on? Heavy, how can we possibly carry on? We all need divine assistance to fulfill our purpose, and to accomplish why we are here. Human strength, wisdom, science and intellect alone cannot do it. Not if we want to finish the divine way that we should.

Let’s turn to the Finisher. It is time to turn to the Finisher who will restore us, restore our path, restore our journey, restore our purpose, and renew our strength, our courage, our joy, our peace and our wisdom. God knows, in this day and age, with all the evil, hurt, agony and pain in our world, we need the Finisher, to constantly replenish and fill us.

But you, LORD, are a shield that protects me; you are my glory and the one who restores me. – Psalm 3:3 (NET Bible)


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