Find Your Divine Grip

plant-66809_1920Finding purpose and building your purpose is such a powerful thing. It rescues and delivers one from cowardliness, fear, dishonesty, insecurity, labels, insignificance, throwing in the towel and giving up. It lifts one up to bravery, boldness, self-confidence, being self-assured, knowing and understanding who one is, pushing and taking on challenges once thought impossible. Finding purpose and building purpose keeps one’s grip intact when shaken by life, or torn apart by life’s experiences, be it work, family, friendships, acquaintances or strangers.

The more I pursue my purpose and blueprint in God, the more beautiful I feel, the more sure of life I am, the more I go for, and face, challenges, instead of waiting for them to come to me and catch me off guard. And now, even if they do catch me off guard, I find that because of purpose, I can steady myself, quicker, stronger and better, and empowered for the next time a challenge blindsides me. These days I bounce back quicker when I am winded, because as I pursue purpose and determinedly build it, my grip has been developed, built and secured from deep within, in my spirit. My soul my heart and my mind, tend to have to readjust and hurt some, depending on what’s going on, but my spirit, where divinity lies, where the core of my being is in God, remains unbeaten, always willing to pursue, conquer and overcome whatever problem presents itself in my life. In other words I feel the pain, but I KNOW that there is a way out, and the challenge will only last but for a time; it will pass. The question is, while it’s in existence and in my realm, what do I chose to do with it.

I dig into divine, God-given purpose. It gives me strength; it gives me wisdom and leads me when I am blind! It raises me when I am fallen. It makes me dry my tears and believe that things can only get better from here; there is light, no matter what the current darkness is.

How I ache for the world to have this understanding, that divine purpose will guide us, redeem us and deliver us. It will settle us in the right place, at the right time and with the right people, because it is built by divinity, by the all-knowing God.

Connect your spirit to God, so that you can discover your divine purpose and in discovering that, you develop your divine grip, and it will stay you and anchor you, preparing you and building you for what is ahead, no matter what it is. A lot is coming our way. Connect with and develop your divine grip, it’s in your spirit. Understand this and soar!

Wisdom is supreme–so acquire wisdom, and whatever you acquire, acquire understanding! –Proverbs 4:7 (Net Bible)


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  1. I think it also keeps the mind busy as well. “They” (still wondering who are “they”) say, an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. When I’m staying in my line and attending to my purpose there is no time to be idle. There are too many works to be done. Another great post you’ve written Sonia. I’m glad you’re back and sharing your brilliant mind with us once again.


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