True Gift True Essence


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Our gift will lead us, and show us the way. It will take us to what is pure and beautiful. Our gift will take us to where we are meant to be. It will surround us with the right people. It will direct our footsteps and put us in the right place at the right time. Our real gift; the one we are divinely created with, is not a hobby or something to pass the time away with. It has meaning. It is more glorious and in depth than trends and all that glitters. It is here to heal our hurting world, beckoning to us, to listen to the pain. We are gifted and entrusted with the gift to uplift, deliver, liberate and transform lives.

The gift can be lonely yet it’s fulfilling, taking us to the peak of accomplishing purpose, and heights where we know that we are in charge of establishing our destiny. The light of the gift defies the darkness of the world. The power of the gift crushes negative challenges. The intensity of the gift keeps us afloat. It pulls and brings us into our ‘becoming’. Sometimes it’s painful, it hurts, but the gift knows our essence, so it forces us, supports us, assists and buoys us up into becoming our truly gifted selves. Our gifts know our worth, our strengths, our capacity and our true nature.

What is our true gift? Do we know? Are we going to take the time to find out? What we are really talking about here is the gift that is our true calling. It flows according to the purpose that we are here on Earth to accomplish. The gift will raise us, heal us, and assist us. The gift will always remind us of who were ally are. The light of the gift defies the darkness of the world, and transforms the darkness in us into something golden. If we truly acknowledge it, the gift will develop in us true character.

The gift carries the essence and substance of who we are and what we are really made of, and what our true, authentic potential is. “That can’t be me! I am not that strong. I am not that bold. I am not that brave. I am not that powerful.” Yes you are dear friend! “I am imperfect.” I know, and so am I, so are millions of us. But we cannot allow that to hold us back.

Our divine gift will keep us focused and will assist us, and give us the strength and wisdom to rise above situations. It gives us knowledge insight and good judgment. It gives us perspective, patience and understanding, restraining us from being too impulsive. It protects us from ourselves and from others. It gives us the integrity to speak truth, and act honestly. It nudges and grooms us towards being decent, genuine and authentic. It empowers us to step back, resist being vindictive, throwing others under the bus, hurting them and taking out our pain, insecurities and lack of self-confidence, on them. Instead, we find ourselves caring enough about others and containing our reactions toward them.

Our divine gift is our real essence, the real beauty that we really are. It gives us the grace to keep our heads up. It convinces us of the knowledge that there is a door, a room, open, just waiting for us to walk through, to enter, and fulfill our purpose, not just for ourselves, but for the sake of others.

The world awaits the healing manifestation of our gifts dear friend. What is your gift? What is your essence? We need you. True greatness is the expression of our divine gift and its essence is the unconditional love that radiates through it and from it.

A man’s gift makes room for him, and brings him before great men. – Proverbs 18:16 (American King James Version)


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