A Journey of Self-discovery


photo of woman jumping
Photo by Felix Ramirez on Pexels.com

Do not allow fear to make you become or act like anyone else but your better self.

Know that there is more to you than fear. Take a deep breath, have integrity and focus on recreating yourself and building yourself into Quiet Power, Peaceful Confidence.

Quiet Power is not in the noise, the loudness, rudeness or meanness. It is not in the empty vessels and clanging cymbals making the loudest sound. Peaceful Confidence is the gift that comes when you purposely make the choice to point fingers at yourself and not at others and make a purposeful decision to work on your own inner person and outward character. That is personal integrity: when no one is watching, when you are not trying to impress anyone, are alone in your own quiet space, you make the decision to change within and outwardly do things for the better.

Get into the root of what you have become and make that change.

Remember that those tough, challenging moments are training grounds for you to see your weaknesses in character and in your personal integrity. They are here to urge you to take responsibility and make a change within.

The tough moments, if you allow them to do so, will shape you, anchor you and support you in making a decision to fix things in a way that will enhance your life and that of others.


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