Painting the Canvas of Our Lives


If we were given blank canvases and we were asked to paint our lives thus far, including everything that we can remember and of course, the things that we do not want to remember, what would the canvas of our lives look like? Begin to imagine what that would look like. Which colors would end up on the canvas of our lives, what shades, which dark colors, which bright colors, would end up on our individual canvases? If we were asked to paint the canvas of our lives today, right this moment, which colors would we start with, which colors would we joyfully paint, which colors would we cringe and wince from painting? Which colors would make us want to continue painting, which ones would make us want to stop painting?

I wonder if anyone’s canvas would be filled with only bright colors. I highly doubt that, but I could be wrong.  I know for a fact that mine would not be. Mine would have not only dark and bright colors put on me by others, but also dark and bright colors put on me by my choices and decisions in life. Mine would have not only dark and bright colors, and colors in between, but would also have different textures and many different shades. What would your canvas look like, what would it feel like?

There are some colors we would enjoy and lovingly paint on our life’s canvas, but there are others we would rather not remember, and rather not acknowledge and paint, because just the thought of them hurts too much. However, maybe, if we do find the courage to paint them onto our canvases, we will find some healing, and start the beginning of a new and fulfilled life, because we have finally chosen to face those demons and gotten them out either completely with one stroke, or little by little, with one stroke at a time.

My two cents on this matter is to keep on painting, every second, every hour, every day, every week, every month and every year. Keep on painting until you weep, until you burst into joy. Keep on painting no matter how rough, no matter how liberating, because there is more paint coming your way, every day, and your canvas of life will only become bigger and bigger, as your colors flow from within. Keep on painting until you find your direction in life, until that direction leads you into purpose. Keep on painting until you find yourself becoming more and more enlightened, and finding the boldness to find, build and fulfill your purpose.

What does the canvas of your life look like so far? No matter how rough or beautiful your life’s canvas becomes, don’t stop painting, because there is always more paint leading you to a larger and bigger purpose.


One comment

  1. This is a very thought provoking post. It really prompts one to want to pull out the watercolors and see what comes to creation. This is also a great exercise to bring in the new year with or rather end the old year with a canvas painting of colors and textures to sum up the year. Amazing thought provoking writing as always Sonia.


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