Their Trend But Your Design



We all have certain similarities, but each of us is created with a very unique design. Furthermore, we are influenced by different values, cultures, upbringing and beliefs. Who is the architect of your life? Who is in charge of your life? Who is building into your life? What are they creating? What are they constructing? What are you doing about it? Be careful whom you allow to whisper into your heart, your soul, your spirit, and your senses. Take the time to find your own design, develop it and build it. Give it a strong foundation.

I find that in these times that we live in there is a lot of seduction, and plenty of charm circulated and dispersed everywhere we go, burying, or attempting to bury, each of our unique designs. There are a lot of things, a lot of people, a lot of systems in place, whispering and promising us pleasures unheard of. They are appealing, alluring, magnetic, attractive and magical, and the clause or rule is, we can only experience them if we lose our unique designs, and follow the trend and be like everybody else. The question is, what is everybody else following? What are they seeking? What will they find? Where will they end up? Do you want to end up there as well, whatever that “there” is? I don’t believe that even they know what or where the “there” is. But our desires have been awakened, and so we follow, blindly.

We have been told that the only way to survive this world is to belong by following the trend. But have you noticed that between yesterday, today and tomorrow, in the blink of an eye, the trend will have changed, yet again, and is emptier and unfulfilling than the last one. The seductive promises that if we do things a certain way, be a certain way, talk and walk a certain way, we will be in and acceptable, because that is the trend, turn out to be lousy promises.

A trend is what it is; it is called a trend because that is what other people are doing. It permeates our lives and without thinking, it becomes part of our lives, and we do not question it, because everyone else is caught up in it, and intoxicated by it. So it must be right, right? The trend does not heal our pain, after all. The trend does not take away our grief. The trend does not make us whole again. Yes, it may bring swift pleasurable relief, but then it disappears, as quickly as it came, and we are left bereft, depressed, most likely leaving us in a worst state than when we first encountered it’s enticing promises.

Who does your heart say you are? Who does your spirit tell you that you are? Let me guess; that you were not created by, or, with a cookie cutter. Your common sense is telling you that you are not a square to fit into a circle, neither are you a circle to fit into a square. Your spirit and your heart are telling you that you are more divinely created than a mere trend. Matter of fact, every time you try to fit in, it never works. It might feel alright for a quick second, but your heart and your spirit restlessly remind you that even though the odds might seem against you, and that it is easier to be like everyone else, you were created with a uniqueness and with a specific purpose in mind.

Have you ever thought about walking away from the architecture of the trends in order to seek who you are and find your own purpose and build it? Have you ever thought about walking that lonely walk of self-discovery, staying true to yourself and who you are? Has it occurred to you that there is nothing wrong with not fitting in, and that there is wisdom, power and strength in that? Has it dawned on you that you will only find true joy, and true peace, even when times are rough and tough, when you can meaningfully and genuinely answer the question, “Who am I, and what is my true design?”

Have you tried to discover your own unique design? Who, what, is building and constructing your precious life dear friend? Who is telling you to go this way, go that way, no change your course, again, now go this way? Be careful. Protect your heart, your mind, your spirit and your soul. Guard your unique design; the foundation that you lay, and the architecture, construction and building of and for your design, really do matter.


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