Interference of the Past


Reach for the new. Be bold and courageous enough to do so. Turn a new page, start a new chapter. When old things have passed away, they have passed away. When they have fallen away, they have fallen away. If these old things happen to find their way back to us, then perhaps we should take the time to sit and ponder why the past has come back to us. After all, we have moved on have we not? We have turned a new leaf, or have we not? Are we able to write the new chapter of our lives? Are we able to let go of what has fallen off and even faded away?

Hopefully, the past never comes back to torment us, or confuse us. Hopefully,  it comes with beautiful memories. But it doesn’t quite happen that way for most of us does it? Usually it comes with a lot of things we would like to forget, with things that are better laid to rest, whether they are good things or bad things, because we do not want our present to be filled with confusion and endless what if this, and what if that, questions. Hopefully, when we are faced with dealing with the past, the answers will be made clear to us, otherwise it can cause terrible anxiety and sleepless nights, a depth of painful, tangled and messy confusion.

Very few know what to do with the past when it comes back, if it comes back. It probably means that something is not yet finished, and has not yet come full circle, or we did not learn the lesson in it the first time. But it’s difficult and can become complicated, because we are now in a new situation. We did not see the past coming, it took us by surprise, and we do not know how to handle the old unexpectedly interfering with the new in our lives.

We all have similar experiences, but they are unique to each and every one of us, so how we handle the return of the past will be individually based on our character, personality, knowledge, level of awareness, life experiences and the courage to face the truth about our past and present. How we handle the past will also be based on what kind of future we are building or want to build for our lives. How we handle the past will depend on whether we know and understand our purpose in life, and the reason for our existence.

What I do know is that when the past does rear its head, I have to be still, say a prayer, and sincerely ask, “why is this happening now,” and wait for the answer, and wait very patiently for clarity. I do know that I should be careful what I think, what I say, and what I create with and in my thoughts and my words. I find that I should control how I feel and not get carried away in the storms and sweetness of the past. I also discovered that I should not allow myself to be buried in any pain, insecurity or regrets it comes with. I learnt that I should protect myself from being paralyzed by the past, and not stop building, creating and investing in the present and the future.

The past is the past for a reason, no matter how bittersweet. Life continues, and life goes on,  so unless there is something significant about the past that will build and bless our destiny, our purpose, and our calling in life, (and if that is the case it will reveal itself in time), then the old things are passed away; until then, they are only memories of what was, good, bad, ugly, beautiful…

We cannot afford at this present time for the past to consume us. We will only end up slowing ourselves down, and life, things present, things worthy, things we should experience this very moment, things that will build our future and our purpose, will pass us by. I cannot let that happen to me. What about you? Can you afford to let that happen to you?

Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

-Matthew 11:28


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