Faithful Instinct


Our instincts to cope are perfectly normal. However, let’s be honest, some of the paths and habits we choose as coping mechanisms do not benefit us and others around us; loved ones, acquaintances, colleagues or strangers. We hurt ourselves and we end up hurting those around as well. The flip side of that, however, is that we also have to be careful who and what we surround ourselves with as we try to cope with our situation, because they might actually do us more damage than good! What then is the answer?

What are your instincts telling you to do? What is your natural instinct saying to you? If you search deep, it is probably taking you to a place you never knew existed deep within you. That place is your place of beauty, power, and magnificence, where you never realized how awesome you are. In other words, you faithful instinct, which has always been inside you, is telling you that in order to beat, destroy, overpower and overcome whatever it is that you are coping with, you must find the light inside you, even when you don’t see it, even though you may not know or believe that it exists inside you. But it does dear friend, and your faithful instinct has been waiting for you to discover that truth, the splendor that is inherent in you.  Listen to your faithful instinct dear friend; it is the guide, the path, the lamp, to your deliverance, salvation and liberty.

Your faithful instinct knows the good and the loveliness that reside inside you, and it is trying to reveal them to you. Don’t fight it. It is your true friend; your solace, your peace, wisdom, strength and joy. Don’t despise your natural, faithful instinct. There is no science, medicine or philosophy that is wiser or greater or better than your instinct. Your instinct knows you; your depth, your capacity and your power to will to yourself to live a fulfilling life.

Your naturally faithful instinct cannot force you. It will guide you the right way. It knows your nature, it knows you, and respects your freewill, even if it does not agree with your choices. You will hear many voices giving you all the good advice in the world, but at the end of the day, you have to make the decision and determination to follow your faithful natural instinct, to look within and find that light that you carry, and allow yourself to emanate the most glorious part of you, which is your spirit, stronger than your situation, condition, label or diagnosis that you have ever received.

In the thick of the darkness and the depth of loneliness and despair, don’t you sometimes feel that tug to do better for yourself? I am sure you do. Listen to it, before your salvation is too late. In the midst of all the gloom and confusion, don’t you sometimes feel a pull telling you that you can get yourself out of their grip? Don’t you sense a beckoning from within asking you to get past all that has happened and live? I believe you do, the question is, will you listen?

Don’t you feel a resistance somewhere deep within you, wrestling against all the vices, bad thoughts, mental and emotional torment? You do, don’t you? You are wondering where it is coming from, after all you are too weak and vulnerable to resist any bad influence or terrible thought that comes your way. You’ve lived your pain for so long you might as well cave in, right? When you allow yourself to listen, you will hear faithful instinct coaching you on, and sense it buoying you up. You will catch on that it is awakening you to be in tune with your better yourself.

Your faithful instinct within is fighting for you for your dear life. No matter what, it will always be on your side. Follow it; that is the whole point of having one. Embrace it. Let it lead you out of your present darkness, depression, anger, violence, trauma and suicide.

For the Spirit teaches you everything you need to know, and what he teaches is true—it is not a lie. 1 John 2:27

Don’t just cope! Allow your natural faithful instinct to lead you to flourish!


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