Inexplicable Cravings

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You are looking for power, look inside you. Study who created you, how He created you and why He created you. If you care about your life and destiny that much, sit at His feet and ask Him questions. Soak in His Presence and glory. If you understand and accept that you are created by The Infallible God, in whom there is no beginning and no end, that the fullness of the Earth is His, you will begin to see your real worth and value and function differently in life. You will start to thirst and ache for something deeper, something more meaningful than all that is around you. In fact you become more and more impatient with the things of this world and develop a deep yearning for that something more. Healthy, divine, inexplicable cravings start growing and glowing inside you.

A longing grows within you and you begin to search for deeper fulfillment, but nothing works. Something is missing, and everything in you is calling out for it. Your carnal cravings, desires, lusts, human mind, human guarantees, become unfulfilling. All your senses put together, cannot quench the power of that hunger. Your carnal nature can no longer sustain and you there is an indescribable ache within. You become absolutely restless with life and all that it has brought to your doorstep. You are no longer impresses by life and all temptations and promises it offers you.  What is going on! It is purpose, created by God, calling out to you from within you. You want more. Look inside, discover it, find it, and start building it.  Purpose within, there lies the answer to your inexplicable cravings. Don’t fool yourself by ignoring it. It will not, it does not go away. It just can’t.

What is happening to you is that your God-given purpose is nudging you into who you should be. It is reminding you that it exists and it is pushing you to acknowledge its existence lest you are ignorant of it, or have knowledge of it but have decided to look the other way. Purposes admonishes you to look up higher and deeper, acknowledging God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. You can dampen it, deny it, run from it, but it will not go away, because it is within you. Wherever you go, it goes, because you carry it. You walk, wake, eat and sleep with it. There is no avoiding it’s presence, it will always find a way to resurface as a reminder to you, of who and whose you are, and who you should be. It boldly, without apology, informs and confirms to you that you were formed by God even before you were in your mother’s womb. It makes it clear to you that you were sent to Earth for a purpose, God’s divinity, established through you. Stop fighting God, you can’t, and you won’t win. Yield to Him. Two things will happen. You either give in to Him and exhale, or you continue to drown in confusion and disillusionment.

That purpose has a vision, and without that vision being fully accomplished, you can never be fully satisfied with your life. It’s not about your level of education, your status, your skin color, science, religion, philosophy, ego and intellect. Like it or not, admit it or not, there is a hunger residing within you waiting  for expression. It will continue to rise up within you, it will not stop. The more you yield to it, the more of God in you, the more of God in you, the better you become, the better you become, the more God’s glory shines through you. When you give God’s glory expression in your life, the more the peace, love and joy you’ve been thirsting for become an every day part and reality of your life.

Your divine purpose is operating from the standpoint of who God says you are. It wants you to reflect the image of His image that He has created your original and unique self with. How can you run from that? My two cents? Don’t bother. It’s best to redirect your thoughts, desires and steps to the source that made you, so that He can give you the power, wisdom and understanding on how to walk in your original purpose.

The beckoning of purpose will never stop, it will never go away. Part of its character is to illuminate you of its existence. It will fight you for your sake. It will battle with you to bring you into the fullness of God’s glory in your life. It wages war with your carnal nature, wrestles with it, in order to bring you to the divine heights that you should be operating and functioning in. Ignore it, and you’ll be miserable; always yearning and longing for that something more. Ask me, I should know. I tried running from it! Waste of time.

Allow purpose to develop you into your original state. Permit God to raise you and show you His power in you.  Give Him room for expression through you. Let God restore you to a point where everything you do and say, flows in and through divinity, so that your strength, courage, peace, joy, power and purpose in life will remain will remain intact, unbending and steadfast. It’s a painstaking, deliberate journey every waking day. But if you can only imagine the divine, expressing through you. How I crave for that! Don’t you?

Then God said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness… ~Genesis 1:26 (ESV)

But for this purpose I have raised you up, to show you my power, so that my name may be proclaimed in all the earth. ~Exodus 9:16 (ESV)

One of the benefits of discovering God’s purpose in your life is unusual, unfailing strength. It comes with the package. No matter how confused, unfulfilled, sad, empty and lost you feel, there is a deep strength that remains unshakable in you because you have discovered your divine path. True strength, true power, real empowerment, is giving God room in your life to shine through you. When this occurs you stay on course, and you are not easily derailed by every wind of doctrine and all that glitters. No!

If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. If anyone serves, they should do so with the strength God provides, so that in all things God may be praised through Jesus Christ. To him be the glory and the power for ever and ever. Amen. ~1 Peter 4:11 (NIV)

God knows, in this day and age we live in, in this present time, age and dispensation, we need strength that goes beyond our human capacity. Having the courage to come to God, asking Him what your purpose is, why He created you, what He created you with, where to find it and how to build it, gives and brings you uncommon strength. Not only that, there is a type of wisdom, knowledge and understanding, insight and discernment that develops within you. As we yield, and the questioning and arguments and debates cease, the truest sense of the word empowerment begins to flow in us and through us, as we walk in our God-given divine purpose. Live every breath with expression of His divinity!


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